CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 22nd February 2021




Further information;


22nd February 2021

Following the Government announcement on 22nd February 2021

Leekworth Caravan Site will be closed until 12th April 2021. 

For the time being we will only be making amendments to reservations that are due to arrive between now and the 12th April. If your arrival date is after 12th April please do not contact us as your booking is still valid. Please continue to pay any outstanding balances for arrivals on or after the 12thApril. 

Please check here or our Facebook page first and foremost before contacting us directly as you can understand how busy we are.  If possible, please email us via rather than call. 

We will remain open for any bookings with their own toilet / shower facilities from 12th April. However, if your booking is between 12th April and 17th May and requires the shared facilities such as toilets and showers, then you must contact us to re-arrange your booking as these facilities must remain closed until 17th May pending the Governments update. 

For those who were due to stay between now and the 12th April you should have already been contacted to rearrange your booking to another suitable date.  If you have not been contacted and are booked before 12th April, please email us at  We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation when looking to offer you alternative dates. Please check the availability calendars for available dates before contacting us. This not only means you have something to look forward to, but it also helps us as a small family-run business. It’s been a tough year! But we are still here and moving your booking really does help us stay here! 


If you are due to arrive on or after 12th April, our normal cancellation and amendment policies apply. 

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Leekworth Caravan Site this year!  Please read below for further guidelines regarding Leekworth.





Further information;

Social distancing and safety measures will be in place so please see below to find out how it will affect your stay with us. These measures have been put in place with your safety and the safety of our staff in mind so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you already have a reservation with us, or plan to book a stay please take time to read this information.

Whether you have booked a holiday in the next couple of months or are planning one later this year, our points below aim to help you understand the next steps you should take. Please read these before contacting us; we are understandably busy at this time and it may take us longer than usual to respond to you.

First of all, we just want to say thank you for booking with us, or thinking about booking a break with us.  It has been a strange 12 months for everyone!  We know you’re desperate to be back out in the fresh air and sat around your campfires!  

As many of you know Camping and Caravanning is a relatively safe option right now. However, we all still need to stay safe and be aware of the risks.  The safety of our guests is paramount, but we also need to make sure we and our staff are not put at risk.  As you are outside a lot, away from other people, have your own cooking, eating and sleeping facilities camping and caravanning should be one of the safest ways to take a holiday as long as the following measures are adhered to.  

As a result, we have had to make some significant changes, so things will be somewhat different than they have been in the past.  We have carried out a full risk assessment of the site to help shape our new procedures.  Anybody not adhering to the rules set out below will be asked to leave.


If you have booked a certain pitch, please understand that we may have to move you. If you have booked with friends / family, we will try our best to make sure you are still together but please understand if this has not been possible. All existing bookings will be honoured.

Groups of more than 6 people are not allowed.

Our pitches are a minimum of 6 metres apart.

Upon Arrival

We aim to provide a contactless arrival and departure process wherever possible.

Check in is from 1.30pm and we now have a newly installed electric barrier at the entrance which will remove the need for you to visit reception at present.  Please remain in your car and wait in the layby holding area until a member of staff comes with an iPad to check you in.

A site map will be in the noticeboard so you know where your pitch is.

Track & Trace procedure

The Government has a track and trace scheme in place to enable them to trace any people who may have been in contact with somebody who tests positive for Coronavirus. We are required to log the names, address and contact number of every individual person (regardless of age) who comes to Leekworth Caravan Site.  A form will be emailed to you prior to your arrival and MUST be completed and either emailed to or brought with you to hand in at check in. This information needs to be kept for 21 days for the Government and then will be destroyed in line with the Data Protection Act.  The code you are allocated for the barrier will log the times you are on or off the site.  We also have our own QR code displayed at the site for use with the NHS Covid-19 app.

Social distancing

Social distancing measures have been put into place and there will be 2m markers on the floor outside the shop / reception, Elson point, washing up area and shower / toilets.

Toilet / showers (Fully closed until 17th May 2021)

Due to the increased cleaning and need for closure of the facilities, plus the reduced capacity of cubicles in use and the number of people allowed in at any one time, we have made the decision that the toilet and shower blocks are for a maximum number of 4 people permitted inside at any one time.  If the facility has reached its capacity level, there will be a need to queue externally. This is again subject to change depending on how the system is working and any Government updates.

Guests can pitch their own toilet tent on their allocated pitch if they wish, but disposal of waste must be done so at the Elson point.

The toilet and shower blocks will be closed 3 times a day whilst a deep clean will take place.  These times are 07.00 – 08.00, 13.00 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 19.00.  Cleaning equipment will also be left inside for your use.  We obviously can’t clean the facilities after every single use, we, therefore, ask you to leave things as you would expect to find them.

The existing soap dispensers will be alternately filled with liquid soap and hand sanitiser (labelled respectively).  The hand dryers are automatic, so no need for touching them.  The external main doors to the facilities will be propped open to prevent people touching them and increase ventilation.  Everyone must wipe down any surface they come in contact with, and then dispose of the wipe / paper towel in the bin on the way out.  Especially important are doors and door locks and toilet flush buttons.

Those that have stayed with us before will know that our cleaning regime is extremely thorough (even before Coronavirus!) However, we will be making sure this is even more stringent.  To protect our staff we will be cleaning the facilities every day, but we simply cannot clean every cubicle every time it has been used, so we are asking you to please adhere to the sanitation regimes set out above.

The shower block has an extractor system which means the air from inside is being constantly drawn out of the building.  If you have your own gloves and facemasks, please do use them as this will assist with our efforts. 

In the interest of hygiene we also ask that you only use the sinks to wash your hands and that you brush your teeth back at your pitch.

All children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Children may find it easy to forget about the 2 meter rule (as well as us adults from time to time!)

Wash up area

The washing up area will be open for hot water.  In order to not create a queue, we ask that you do not wash your pots in here, only fill your bowl up with water and take back to your pitch.  

The wash up area will be limited to use by one person at any one time to meet social distancing requirements.  Should the facility be occupied or in use, there will be the need to queue externally.

We have removed all local area information.  We encourage you to access this information via your phone/tablets using our FREE Wi-Fi service or before you arrive.  Also each attraction will have their own variations following coronavirus restrictions.

The freezer will not be available to use this year.  

Other communal areas

The Elson point will be limited to use by one person or family group at any one time to meet social distancing requirements. 

Shop / reception (Fully closed until 17th May 2021)

The shop / reception will be operating on reduced set opening hours (08.30 – 09.30, 14.00 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 19.00) and will not be used for checking in (see above). However this, like all other measures mentioned here may be subject to change. 

It will be limited to one person or family in the shop at any one time. We politely ask that you only touch or pick anything up that you intend to purchase. The shop will be stocked as normal with all the essentials and more (logs, marshmallows, alcohol, ice, soft drinks, ice-creams, milk, tea bags, toys, citronella items, etc.) However please use contactless payment wherever possible to reduce the use of cash.  Should the facility be occupied or in use, there will be the need to queue externally.

We have removed all local area information.  We encourage you to access this information via your phone/tablets using our FREE Wi-Fi service or before you arrive.  Also each attraction will have their own variations following coronavirus restrictions.


We have put in place a strictly NO visitors to the site.  It goes without saying; please DO NOT INVITE FRIENDS OR FAMILY NOT STAYING AT THE LEEKWORTH CARAVAN PARK TO VISIT YOU WHILST YOU ARE HERE.  This increases the risk to everyone staying with us, our staff and the local community.

Shopping, rubbish and recycling

With regards to groceries, please bring as much from home as you can to minimise increasing the risk to the community you are coming into. 

We also ask that you take as much rubbish home with you as possible or what you do leave is disposed of and recycled correctly to eliminate the need for us to sort the rubbish by hand!  More information regarding rubbish and recycling will be provided upon arrival.

Shepherds Cottage

In line with government guidance, we have removed some items from your accommodation to ensure that the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 is significantly reduced. 

We have removed the following items from the cottage:-

  • Decorative items and soft furnishings – such as cushions and throws have been removed to avoid any risks between guests.
  • Can you please bring your own bedding (double sheets, pillows), and towels/tea towels, oven gloves etc etc.
  • Welcome Folder – providing local area information – we encourage you to access this information via your phone / tablet using our FREE Wi-Fi service.
  • Books – normally left in the cottage for you to enjoy, these have been taken away as they are shared between guests – we recommend you bring some of your own from home.

We request that you recycle your rubbish and empty the bin before your departure.

We also request that upon your departure you confirm that nobody in your party has been ill during your stay.

You can do your bit

As the saying goes, ‘we are all in this together’ and by respecting each other and the guidance provided by the Government we can all stay safe and well.

Keep to footpaths where possible and avoid shortcutting across people’s pitches.

Always follow the current government guidance on-site and in the local area.

Respect social distancing.

Limit social gatherings to a maximum of 6 people outside.

Regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

We will not be providing masks or gloves and if you wish to use these, then please bring your own.

We will be providing hand santiser stations, but we also advise that you bring your own.

What if I am unwell on site?

We really hope this doesn’t happen but if you’re staying on-site and feel unwell please follow the guidance below.

Go online to NHS 111 or call NHS 111 from your mobile.

Call Robin, the site owner, on 07815857597 to let him know the situation.

Checking out

Upon your departure please leave the pitch free from rubbish and debris as it is unfair to make us clean up after you.

Please leave promptly before 12noon.

And finally

I’m sorry this may seem very regimented, but as I am sure you can appreciate these measures must be taken and must be implemented to enable us to welcome you to stay with us at Leekworth Caravan Park. These measures are subject to change at any time and at short notice due to government updates and if the measurements in place are working.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, take care, stay safe and see you soon.

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