Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions that may help you find an answer

Q. I want to check prices and availability, how do I do this?  

A. In the menu click on ‘Tariffs’ to check prices or to check availability at the bottom of every page there are options to ‘Check Availability Here’ and simply enter the dates you want to check, how many people, etc. and it will then tell you how many pitches are still available for your requirements.

Q. How do I make a booking at Leekworth

A. All bookings for Leekworth can be made via our website through the ‘Check Availability Here’ section at the bottom of each page.

 Q. What time can we check-in and what time do we need to check-out by?

A. Check-in is between 2.30pm to 8pm peak times and 2.30pm & 7pm off-peak times please. You will NOT be able to check in or pitch your tent/caravan before this time, if you do arrive before 2.30pm, you will be asked to leave as pitches are not available from the previous customers until they leave at 11am and all checks are completed. Check-out is before 11am please.

Q. Can I arrive early or leave late?

A. No, this is not an option at Leekworth due to the single track entry/exit lane.

Q. We want to book a pitch next to our friends/family, how do we do this?

A. When booking online via our website enter your arrival / departure dates and all other required details and you will be presented with a list of option showing the available pitches for your stay, underneath these is an option the view the map and you can choose the pitch that is next to your friends (if it is available).

Q. How do I book more than one pitch?

A. Each pitch needs to be booked separately, however once you have entered your details for the first pitch you will be allocated a username and a password which can be used to make further bookings eliminating the need to enter all your contact details again, you will just need to amend the numbers of adults, children, extras, etc. for additional pitches. You can see which pitches are available when you enter your arrival/departure dates and all other required details and you will be presented with a list of option showing the available pitches for your stay, underneath these is an option to view the map and you can choose the pitch you want each time. Groups MUST be authorised by management prior to booking.

Q. We are due to arrive at Leekworth within the next 14 days but the weather looks terrible can we move our booking to a later date?

A. I am afraid moving your booking now would mean you lose your reservation and it would be classed as a cancellation with no refund offered.

Q. I have a balance to pay for our booking with you, how do I pay this?

A. If the booking was made through our website you simply log into your account on our website and enter your booking number and the surname the booking was made under and payment can be made. For please visit their website.

Q. If my Tent / Caravan / etc. is 6m or more in any direction do I have to book a large pitch?

A. Yes, you will be asked in the booking process if the size is more than 6m in any direction and if you tick ‘yes’ there is a supplement for this.

 Q. There are different numbers of people for the pitch on different nights of the same booking – how do I enter this?

A. You put in the minimum number of people coming for the whole duration and then pay for the additional people/cars, etc. on arrival.

Q. We would like a fire pit, will we be able to have one?

A. Yes, fire pits are available to hire from reception or Robin, on a first come first served basis. Please let him know and make payment at the reception before 6pm.

 Q. Can I bring my own fire pit / BBQ?

A. Only the fire-pits on hire can be used on this site. Only BBQ’s raised more than 30cm from the ground can be used and strictly NO DISPOSABLE BBQ’S.

Q. Is the campsite child-friendly / safe?

A. Yes as long as common sense is used. There is a stretch of the River Tees running parallel to the campsite which is fenced around with a gate for access, please keep an eye on your children, they are your responsibility, not ours!  There is plenty of open space for your children to play safely under the watchful eye of responsible parents. Including a large field for children to play with their imaginations or go kite flying, play rounders, football or Frisbee. When the river is low enough, you can paddle or go fishing with a net.

Q. Can I fish on the river?

A. We have fishing rights on the stretch of the River Tees through the site. You must have your own rod licence. Click on the ‘Free Fishing’ tab in the menu on the website to find out more.

Q. Do you have electric hook-up?

A. Yes, there is a choice of pitches with or without electric hook up.

 Q. What is the power supply?

A. Maximum of 10 amp.

Q. What power cable do I need to supply this?

A. Our hook-ups are via standard blue 240v IP44 electrical connectors protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) for safety designed to cut off the supply in the event of a fault occurring in your connecting lead, caravan or appliance. Your caravan/camping supply board must also have its own protective RCD and we recommend that you have your electrics checked by a qualified electrician each year.

Q. What type of appliances can I use?

A. Ones that are low amp or ones particularly design for camping & caravans.

Q. Do you supply the electric leads?

A. Yes, we sell them in the shop on site.

 Q. Where is the nearest village?

A. Middleton In Teesdale – this has a Co-Op, butchers, hardware shop, lots of little cafes & pubs, bookshop, gift shop, chemist, fish and chip shop, Post Office, Barclays, and Newsagents.

Q. Where is the nearest main town?

A. Barnard Castle – this has a Morrisons, Co-Op, Herrons and a range of other shops.

Q. Do we sell alcohol on site?

A. Yes, we sell alcohol in the onsite shop.